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Areas of Application

Black6 is Leading the way in Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality education. At Black6 our goal is to provide world class VR, MR and AR educational solutions by combining human behavioural science and modern technology. Our virtual training environments provide a powerful, memorable and successful experience for our clients.

  • Military

    aviation, maritime, scenario simulation, weapons simulation, eliminating the risk of potentially high-risk training.
  • Governmental

    Driver, marine, leadership, management, counselling, teamwork activities/ scenarios.
  • Industrial

    Training at heights, agricultural, confined spaces, building design etc.

World Leader

VR/MR Training Solutions

eXperience Application programming Interface

Custom xAPI

Through the development of Black6’s xAPI we are able to interface with multiple software programs allowing data and assessment tracking and output. This enables the use of A.I assessment within Black6 environments, ensuring competency outcomes are tracked and stored.
This is of benefit for training organisations when it comes to student competency and data compliance. Data captured is stored in Black6 servers and is able to be extracted for auditing and review purposes

Virtual environment and 3D model database

High Fidelity Environments

Black6’s library of visual databases allows organisations to minimise build costs through utilizing Black6’s virtual environment and 3D models under a licensing agreement.
We build in the engine that meets your needs. Whether that is Unreal, Unity or Prepar3d; we can build the highest fidelity environments you've ever seen. Immersion is king at B6.

Simulation hardware and modeling

Custom Solutions

Where clients require simulation modelling, Black6 provides a modelling product where real hardware is modelled and engineered into the virtual environments allowing for an increase in immersion between the virtual environment and simulation hardware.

Real World Experience

Case Studies

Black6 has built a number of applications in the medical, flight and research field.

Flight Study

AI driven assessments with integrated LMS utilizing advanced simulators.

Health Care Study

High fidelity visuals combined with state of the art emotion modeling.

Marine Training Study

Physics driven boat exercises in real world locations with integrated LMS.

Artificial intelligence training

Dynamic Assessments

Machine Learning

A.I virtual assessment allows candidates the ability to run through scenarios in a virtual environment that track competencies against a benchmarked criteria relating to an accredited qualification or enterprise outcome. As well as monitoring benchmarked outcomes, A.I assessment minimises subjectivity and other human factors. Simply press play, learn and be assessed.

Learning Patterns

Black6 is also developing A.I systems that monitors data to track student assessment progress identifying learning patterns and provide reports on those patterns to identify key learning characteristics of learners. This will allow Black6 the ability to liaise with clients and help develop educational programs that target the learners preferred modalities of learning, ultimately improving the quality, speed and depth of competency achieved from utilising Black6 educational software. By understanding learning patterns, we can build better educational programs and tools for future generations.

Live Virtual Constructive Assessment


Black6 LVCA is a significant development in the live virtual environment. Adapting Black6 technologies with our XAPI allows the environment to be constructed using simulation, users equipment, and mixed reality. Creating a naturalistic environment and providing assessment within the LVC is a Black6 advantage.

Advanced Monitoring and Tracking

Data and Metrics

Black6 uses the leading edge in eye tracking, biometrics, hand tracking and full body suits to give you an edge in training; in the field and the training room.


Data Privacy and Security

The privacy of data is of utmost importance in any learning environment. Black6 employs an integrated data strategy with multi-layered security to enable an interoperable fabric of data across multiple platforms whilst still maintaining proper governance, privacy and security standards.

Leading the way in Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality education

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