Australia Map Blackbox

The B6 Black Box is the first Virtual Learner Management (VLMS) System; designed from the ground up to offer unparalleled immersive learning. Black Box integrates and makes effective use of the Prepar3D, unity, unreal and other engine platforms; with the added availability of cooperative course and assessment creation of both 2d and 3d virtual objects or materials within the experience.

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Australia Map Studios

B6 Studios is a Learner Content Management System (LCMS) and is integrated with the B6 Blackbox. It includes up to fifty different types of courseware, learning and assessment design and creation including 2D and 3D virtual objects.

Black6 Studios team also develops bespoke mixed reality training and assessment solutions including virtual lessons, assessments and instructors.

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Australia Map TLA

The Total Learning Architecture is a collection of specifications for accessing and making use of learning-related data. The B6 Blackbox acts as the main portal or frontend for the TLA

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Australia Map


B6 DNA uses a combination of intelligence analytics and machine learning to implement actionable insights from behavioural data. We analyse and detect standard operational patterns from behavioural data analysis systems. Initially boundaries are set based on presumed behavioural historical data. The machine learning systems split the data into units and set bias against the data using statistical analysis correlations.

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Areas of Application

Black6 is leading the way in educational software, total learning architectures, artificial intelligence, data analytics and Extended reality. Our Goal is to provide world class defence, governmental and industrial educational solutions by combining human behavioural science and modern technology.

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Building valuable simulation tools to meet the needs of many educational institutes

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Aviation, maritime, scenario simulation, weapons simulation, eliminating the risk of potentially high-risk training.

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Developing commercial mixed reality tools to maximise client outcomes and mitigate risk within live environments

Australia Map

Australian Owned

Australian Operated

Black6 is Australian owned and operated, with a strong belief in Australian sovereignty. Black6 prides itself on attracting and growing Australian by incubating sovereign skills through hiring the best and the brightest to build synthetic immersive training environments, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics for Australian defence forces and our international partners.

Black6 is also a military veteran organisation that supports all veterans who have put our country before themselves.

Leading the way in Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality education

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