Rikky Burkett

Chief Executive Officer

Rikky's areas of expertise are in the field of entrepreneurialism, education and business growth. Ten years ago, Rikky co-founded Paradigm Training Group, which delivers entrepreneurial, management, business, workplace health and safety and Australian Maritime accredited qualifications. Rikky has consulted on entrepreneurialism and business growth throughout Australia and South East Asia. It has been Rikky's goal to evolve education through new technologies, which is what lead him to co-founding VisionTek in 2020.

Forrest Harrison

Chief Information Officer

Forrest helps companies throughout SE Asia bring their tech up to enterprise levels. Over the last decade Forrest has assisted over 12 companies raise a combined total of 100 million in SEED as a consulting strategist. Prior to consulting with his own company, Forrest worked a number of positions from psychological business analysis, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and programming.

Jim Alary

Chief Technology Officer

Jim is a renowned American Art Director with over 20 years experience in the fields of technology and creative industries. He has collaborated with some of the most recognisable names within the video game and entertainment industries across the United States of America, Canada and Australia.
Jim brings expertise in developing and executing project/studio wide production pipelines, involving the application of desired concepts with consideration to aesthetics.

Alex Reynolds

Head of Engineering

Alex's expertise is heavily focused in Simulator development and syllabus implementation across a number of simulator platforms. With years of experience in developing aircraft models, avionics, and flight modelling. Alex has worked with large defence organisations as a Senior courseware developer working with the next generation of training tools. Alex was the Lead Developer in delivering the first Virtual Reality PC-21 Training System to the Commonwealth. The knowledge gained from his experience puts Alex as one of the only few in the world to develop and embed syllabi into a virtual reality aviation product.

Joel Lancaster

Multimedia Officer

Joel is the Black6 Multimedia Designer, designing and planning all multimedia content - Videos, motion graphics, website content.


Rob Legat

Compliance Manager

Rob brings an extensive background in corporate governance and legal practise to Black6 with focused experience in audit and compliance across a range of federally regulated industries; including the Vocational Education and Training, National Disability Insurance Scheme, and credit licensing sectors. In particular, he specialises in conceptualising, designing, and implementing policy frameworks. Over the past 20 years he has served on and advised the boards of for-profit and not-for-profit entities at state and federal level, and taken part in government working groups for policy direction and legislative reform.

Simon Di Florio

Data Scientist

Simon has expertise in designing automated process workflows. Prior to joining Black6, Simon worked within the Microsoft Power platform to develop applications and business reports that streamlined document management workflows. Simon also has experience in data processing, control systems design and computer vision applications.

Nick Kranenburg

As an Aviation Training System specialist, Nick has applied 26 years of flying, training and simulation experience within his own simulation and training organisation Black6. Prior to Black6, Nick developed Simjet as a defence and airline, training and simulation supplier over 17 years. Nick is also a current operational Boeing 737 Pilot. Nick has designed and developed with the Commonwealth, VR procedural training systems for the new RAAF PC21 and also the B350 King Air for use at the Air Force Central Flying School in East Sales. Over the last few years, Nick has supported the Air Force Candidate Management Centre deliver national motivation and attraction programs with F/A-18 Super Hornet simulators and instructors.

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